Screen 22’s 2nd Birthday Preparations & Celebrations.

October marks the second anniversary of Screen 22! Two years of special screenings and film club based events and listening to what the audience wants at the world’s smallest and most community based cinema! To celebrate and because we have been asked far too many times to say no now, we are doing a TREBLE screening and what better marathon to do than Back to the Future!? Sunday 27th October will mark this special occasion, with many tickets reserved already, miss it and i’m afraid there’ll be no DeLorean for a second chance so keep it free and put it in your diaries! Details on pricing, times and the special super tickets will be coming at you soon as we are finalising a few things but this will be a special edition of Straight To Video that you do not want to miss!

Screen 22 is one of the venues to play host to ‘MEMORIES of the FUTURE’ – The Analogue meets Digital Pop-up Project –Nottingham, UK – 8th – 12th October 2013. MEMORIES of the FUTURE will be a pop-up space exploring the relationship between traditional analogue formats & the digital revolution within the independent creative sector. For more information check out,


The fortnight following MotF will feature special documentary screenings –

THU 10th OCT- KNEEL BEFORE ZOD PRESENTS LVIV & ‘PHASE IV’- Hitchcock/Kubrick designer Saul Bass’ only feature film

TUES 15th OCT – ADJUST YOUR TRACKING – The Untold Story of the VHS Collector (Dan Kinem/Levi Peretic)

FRI 18TH OCT – SOUND IT OUT (Nottingham’s own Jeanie Finlay)

WEDS 23rd OCT – INDIE GAME: The Movie (Lisanne Pajot/James Swirsky) In celebration of Game City

All regular screenings are £7 per ticket (subject to booking fee on the website) & start at 7.30pm.

Check out The Kneel Before Zod Video Club of Nottingham Club (TKBZVCONC)Screen 22 and Bees Make Honey Creative Community for more details on these unique and one-off-screenings!



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